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                        M-1325X CNC Router Engraver/Engraving Drilling and Milling Machine 2D+3D

The owner of this item will get:

M-1325X Wood CNC Router (Ncstudio System)

One Wood CNC Router + One gift Desktop Cutting Plotter

Wood CNC Router

Desktop Cutting Plotter

Vinyl Sticker Samples of Cutting Plotter

Most user-friendly, high quality, economical advanced CNC Router

Our CNC Router adopt steel welding machine body, Linear Guideways and Ballscrews, it provides long lifetime, superior cutting and engraving quality, while requiring minimal maintenance.


1. X,Y, Z Guide with Rolling ball screw makes more efficient.
2. High Precision Stepping motor makes engraving more precise.
3. 3KW Water Cooling Spindle available operating for long time, which can reinforced the processing ability of the machine and can be used to process hard materials.
4. Adopt overall casting machine body, More steady and strong.
5. Cover plates reducing pollution for the screws and shafts.
6. DSP with USB Handle control system is compatible with almost 3D design software such as Type3/Artcam/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/Ucancam V9 and so on.
7. 2D or 3D engraving much more materails by spiral flute bits, such as metal, steel, MDF board, solid wood, composite board plywood, stone and etc.
8. Simple installation and easy operation.


1/  Upgrade to DSP USB handle control system:    Add 300.00 USD 

M-1325X Woodworking CNC Router Engraver/Engraving Drilling and Milling Machine 2D+3D

DSP System with a Handle (USB interface), read USB memory directly, is compatible with almost 3D design software such as Type3/Artcam/UG/Pro-E/Mastercam/Ucancam V9 and so on.

2/ Upgrade to 3.5KW Air Cooling Spindle:    Add 200.00 USD 

3/ Dust  Collector:  Add 300.00 USD

4/ Water tank (for engraving stone and soft-metal Aluminium and Copper):  Add 500.00 USD

5/ Rotary (for engraving round objects):  Add 550.00 USD

6/ High power spindle: please contact us

7/ Vacuum hold down table: Add 500 USD 

8/ Feeler Block: Add 100.00 USD

work on two-layer plastic work on Acrylic
work on wood  work on MDF


Redsail Wood CNC Router M-1325X can be used for advertisement engraving and cutting, mold manufacturing, wood processing, craft manufacturing, light box cutting, building model cutting, indoor decoration cutting, light equipment mold processing, acrylic board processing with high precision and high speed.

Acrylic sample Acrylic engraving stone engraving
Wood engraving 3D wood sample Plstic
wood cutting wood carving PCB milling



X, Y Worktable Size: 1300 x 2500 (mm)
X, Y, Z Guide : Ball screw and Linear square guide way
Gantry Height: 150mm
Drive type: Micro-Step Stepper Motor
Spindle: 3KW high speed (water cooling)
Max Moving Speed: 25000 mm/min
Max Machining Speed: 4000mm/min
Resolution: 0.02mm
Repeatability: 0.01mm
Interface: Ncstudio
Command code: HPGL, G-code
Spindle tools: ф 3.175, ф 6
Power: AC220V±10% / 50~60Hz
Machine dimensions (mm): 1900*2000*1600
Package dimensions(mm): 3240*2090*1710
Net Weight: 700kg
Gross Weight: 800kg
Warranty: 12 Months (6 months for Spindle)


Standard accessories:

(01) User Manual (CD in English Version)
(02) Ncstudio (DSP Handle optional)
(03) Communication cable
(04) Water Pump
(05) Power cable
(06) Clamp: 4 sets
(07) Wrench: 2 pcs
(08) collet 1pc& adapter( for ф 6 to ф 3.175
(09) Bit: 8 pcs (6 pieces Flat bottom bits, 2 pcs Two spiral flute bits)
(10) Other tools

Standard Ncstudio system accessories

Optional DSP handle system accessories

Shipping and Handling

●Combine shipping, buy more save $$$.
 When payment and all shipping information are confirmed, machine will be dispatched 5 business days later and we will arrange the earliest shipment. 
●Please contact us to confirm shipping costs and customs costs. EXW, FOB or CIF terms. CIF term, we just ship to your port, buyer should pay surcharge of harbour, handling charges and clear custom and pay import duty etc. Please contact us to check shipping cost before shopping.
●We will carefully check all items before shipping. When the item is delivered, we highly recommend buyer to open the box to see if any damage for the products before make a signature.
●Local Pick up free

Warranty Policy

Here are some key terms for warranty policies you should know before your bidding:

●Our warranty coverage for this item is one year from the date you received the product.
●We offer our warranty services worldwide.
●Provide service free for the machine all the life.

Return Policy

We accept return on this item within 14 days from the date you receive the package. Buyer must contact us to obtain a Return Authorization from our company. The returned item must be in the original box, together with all original accessories and documentation that came with your order, and must be in the same condition as when it was sent.
The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.

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